Welcome to the Leinster Inter Club League


Welcome to the Official home of the Leinster Inter Club League.
Irelands Largest and Premier Clay Pigeon Sporting League.

The Leinster Inter Club League (Leinster League) is an inter-club competition held each year between January and June and specialises in the Sporting Discipline of Clay Target Shooting and has been in operation since as far back as 1979. Check out the League history page to your right in the shortcuts for more information. You can now find us on Facebook


Childrens Hospital Donation

We have received a thank you letter from Crumlin Childrens Hospital for our Presentation Day Donation which Can be found HERE. Presentation of the donation was done on our behalf by Nigal and Catherine Dowdall

Leinster League 2016 AGM

The 2016 AGM will be taking place on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 8pm in Courtlough. All clubs should send 2 representatives and should have received notification by email. Please note that Our Secretary will not be in a position to stay on for a further term so please ask with your club members for nominations to take over. These nominations should be sent to the Secretary by Monday 17th October